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Sharing Platters

-- Continental --

Selection of Brie, chicken congnac pate, saucisson, jambon, grapes, dipping oil and warm baked bread... £8.15 / £14.00

-- Greek --

Courgettes in crispy batter, tzatziki, feta, hummus, olives, vegetable crisps, dipping oil and warm baked bread... £8.15 / £14.00

-- Fish --

Cold poached salmon, smoked salmon, crayfish, prawns, smoked mackerel, served with warm baked bread, dipping oil and a seafood dip... £8.30 / £14.70
Light Meals and Starters
Homemade soup of the day with freshly baked bread... £5.20
Roasted beetroot, feta and caramelised pecan salad with orange dressed leaves and creme fraiche dressing... £6.95
House salad with avocado, crispy bacon, croutons, mixed leaves, Caesar dressing and parmesan shavings... £6.95
The Old Crown Prawn Cocktail... £6.95
Oven baked mushrooms stuffed with stilton and port with a crispy herb crumb crust and mopping up bread... £6.75
Devilled whitebait with chunky lemon tartar sauce... £6.95
Chicken liver and Cognac pate with a plum and apple chutney and toasted brioche... £6.95
Tiger prawns in crispy sesame batter with hot sweet chili noodles... £7.25
Seared scallops on a garlic croute with mixed leaves, crispy chorizo and hollandaise sauce... £7.75
Crispy smoked haddock, salmon and pancetta fishcake with a crème fraiche and chive dip... £6.75
Deep fried cod or haddock in crispy beer batter with hand cut chips, garden peas and chunky lemon tartar sauce... £12.00
Cold home-cooked smoked ham with fried eggs and hand cut chips... £11.00
The Old Crown lamb and mint burger with a choice of toppings, hand cut chips, dill pickle, crispy lettuce and tomato served with a topping: crispy bacon, Cheddar, Stilton or fried egg... £12.00 (extra toppings are 40p)
Warm Caesar salad with warm chargrilled chicken or king prawns, sliced avocado, crispy romaine lettuce, parmesan shavings and croutons... £12.00
Grilled gammon steak with fresh pineapple or fried egg, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes served with chips and peas... £13.00
-- All of the above are exclusive of vegetables or the salad bar --
Crispy battered sesame chicken with sweet and sour sauce... £13.00
Grilled fillet of sea trout with a lobster brandy cream sauce garnished with king prawns... £13.95
Poached supreme of salmon with a potato stack, seared scallops, roasted vine tomatoes and a white wine sauce... £14.65
Grilled loin of swordfish with a lemon butter sauce topped with fresh asparagus... £13.95
Crispy smoked haddock, salmon and pancetta fishcakes with a creme fraiche and chive dip... £11.25
Aubergine, ricotta, mozzarella and roasted tomato bake... £12.00
Chargrilled chicken supreme with caramelised apple and crispy chorizo, cider cream sauce and a crispy cheese beignet... £13.50
Prime aged chargrilled Scotch steak with roasted tomatoes and field mushrooms (weights are uncooked)
10oz (minimum) rump ... £17.50
10oz rib-eye... £19.60
Cracked black pepper brandy sauce... £2.10    Dolcelatte cream sauce... £2.10
-- All of the above are served with a choice of potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables or salad from our salad bar --
Cold home-cooked smoked ham... £11.00
Avocado, prawn and smoked ham... £13.20
Cold poached salmon... £13.20
-- Salads are served with a choice of potatoes and salad from the salad bar --
Portobello mushroom ravioli with wilted spinach and Gruyere cheese sauce with parmesan shavings and roasted cherry tomatoes and served with salad from the salad bar... £12.00
Warm baked bread... £1.25
Salad bar... £3.65
Garlic bread, Cheesy garlic bread, Hand-cut chips, Grilled mushrooms and Crispy onion rings... £2.95 each